06/02/2017 Friday in Queenstown

Today we hiked up the Tiki Trail on mountain Ben Lomond, our destination is to the top to Bob’s Peak. The easiest way to get there is to take Skyline Gondola. Quick fact that Queenstown Gondola is the steepest in the southern hemisphere. You can imagine how hard it was to hike up there. This hiking track starts at the base of the Skyline Gondola winding its way up through the pine forests of Ben Lomond Reserve to the top of Bob’s Peak. The hike was said will take 1hr to complete, which turned out to two hours to hike up there. The trail was very steep, it was a big work out to our legs. But once we got to the top, we are rewarded with some spectacular views of Queenstown. From the Bob’s Peak, you can see Coronet Peak to the north and the iconic remarkable mountain range to the east, both of which are ski resorts in the winter. Across the deep blue waters of Lake Wakatipu to the southwest you see Cecil and Walter Peaks. It’s truly awe-inspiring! And not only the panoramic views of Queenstown, there are plenty of activities and attractions we can do. Bungy, paragliding, zip line, and luge…It’s a good place to work on your bucket lists. Before sunset, we got back down by walking the trail and on the way down was much faster, it only took us 45 mins. To end our fantastic day, we had the Fergbuger-the famous burger in Queenstown and it was delicious.






By Maxine Bi


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