Adventures in Queenstown

As we come to a close in beautiful New Zealand, my group spent a few days in the adventurous town known as Queenstown. In the midst of all the beauty, we all tried to capture pictures to show our friends and family what we got to experience.

However, words nor pictures can show the true beauty of the land, but we can try.

Here are a few pictures captured by myself and my peers of our adventures:

Through trails, up to some high peaks, or down to the shore we traveled…

Through the Southern Light Project: Luma, leading us to neon gardens, bright pyramids and a giant disco ball amongst the trees…

Some spent time at the shores looking at quirky pieces of art made by locals, or going through a market. Others went luging and even bungee jumping.

There was something for all of us to explore. But what I think I’ll miss the most about this town is leaving all my friends. We have grown so much throughout the last three weeks. From sharing countless memories, mouth watering desserts, and even warmth that comes from each kind individual’s presence (or maybe because it was as cold as late November in Indiana). But I  can speak for all of us in saying that we appreciate all of you back home, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, family and even friends. Thank you for all the support on our trip, and allowing all of us to experience this together. And thank you to Stewart, Kristofer and Lukas for guiding us. And a huge thanks to all the friends I made on this trip, you guys made this experience so much more memorable.

To finish off, here are a few more pics of me and my peers:

Thank you all,

Daniel Luna

(Photo Credit to: Alexa Poynter, Brittney Funk, Catherine Egley, Celine Jusuf, Daniel Luna and Pratik Iyer)


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